Zombie Doom


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German cult favorite Andreas Schnaas served as both star and director for this extremely gory horror opus, the third in his Violent Shit series. Three men whose ship has sank at sea find themselves washed ashore on a remote island. While at first they think they've struck lucky, they soon realize a grim fate awaits them. Lunatic Karl the Butcher (Andreas Schnaas) and his son (and partner in crime) Karl Jr. (Marc Trinkhaus) have learned how to bring the dead back to life and make them do their evil bidding. However, Karl the Butcher's nemesis, the equally sinister Dr. Senius, has learned the secrets of Karl Sr.'s zombie-making formula, and soon their bloodthirsty armies of the undead are doing battle for control of the island, and later the world. Meanwhile, the three shipwreck survivors are caught in the middle, trying to fend off the zombies while searching for a way to get back home. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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E.I. Independent
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  • Zombie Doom feature film
  • Bonus feature film: Zombie '90
  • Shock-O-Rama trailer vault
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