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Review Text Artist Information Instrumentation Lazer Lloyd- Guitars, vocals, harmonica. Yaakov Lefcoe (Dr. Jake)- Bass, vocals. Moshe 'Russion Percussion' Yankovsky- Drums, vocals, sound effects 'Jimmi Hendrix with Tzitzit' (YNET- Yaki Hoffstein) Yood's premiere album is one of the new Jewish music's best. Turn up the volume, they aren't playing songs for the third Shabbat meal'. (Yoav Friedman) Biography YOOD, the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet, is the new name for great, big sound. Three guys originally from North America, for the last decade playing backup to the giants on the Israeli scene, take virtuosity to new levels on their debut album, Passin'over, which has the kind of soulful, soaring guitar riffs you feel before you hear. Drawing inspiration from Hendrix, Cream and Dylan, this professionally trained classic rock trio performs original music and lyrics along with classic covers. Front man Lazer Lloyd, who has toured extensively with legendary Israeli jam band Reva L'Sheva, and has played with Matisyahu and Danny Sanderson, does his magic with guitars and harmonica; Yaakov Lefcoe (Dr. Jake), whose roots are in hard rock/ funk, is master of the 'monster bass sound'; and Moshe 'Russion Percussion' Yankovsky charms the drums with his ethnic, fusion sound. Their band was born in Jerusalem at the start of the new millennium, and is known for it's massive tight groove and high energy live show. YOOD's intense instrumentation harnesses the power of the thinking, feeling, and agile electric guitar - - on a burning journey to elevate Rock's heyday, via Kabala and Chassidic influences. Yood: The right side of the seventies Yoav Friedman - YNETNEWS Yood's premiere album is one of the new Jewish music's best. It's redolent with the scent of the seventies, and reminiscent of the days of Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix A button-down shirt with a huge collar, bellbottoms, a wild beard and a guitar in hand. That's the only way to imagine members of Yood standing in the rehearsal room recording 'Passin' Over,' their premiere album, which is redolent with the scent of seventies rock. Yood has the vibrations of Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix. The start of the album isn't always indicative of it's quality and of what is in it, for better or for worse, but the first sounds from 'Passin' Over' throw you straight into the right place: ongoing high-pitched guitar notes to which a soloist adds the traditional 'yaaaaaaaaah'-turn up the volume, they aren't playing songs for the third Shabbat meal.

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