Yngwie Malmsteen


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An instructional video that features the techniques, arpeggios and scale sequences used in classical phrases. ~ Rovi


Review Text After toiling with classical references in his music for most of his career, guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen finally dedicated himself to writing a concerto for electric guitar. The combination is not unique, as several rock groups, including Metallica, have been backed by full orchestras, but this is the first work of its kind to feature the electric guitar as the lead instrument in a concerto. One of Malmsteen's biggest target's for criticism has been his inability to move beyond his speed demon reputation that he acquired after bursting on the scene in the early '80s. Seemingly stuck in arrested musical development this work proves that at least he's trying. There are many intriguing moments here and plenty of pyrotechnics, however, as a collective body of work, there is a lack of cohesiveness between his sometimes monotonous riffing and the orchestra. Despite the unevenness (unfortunately a Malmsteen trademark), this ranks as one of his best recordings. Recommended more for guitar fans than the classical connoisseurs, although the later may find the combination intriguing and perhaps even refreshing. ~ Robert Taylor

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Release Date
Warner Brothers Publishing
45 minutes
  • Generic Dolby Digital (unspecified format)
  • Blu-ray region A (North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia)
Video Features
  • Tuning segment
  • Matching book and CD preview
  • Bonus lesson: right-hand technique - sweep-picking
  • Bonus performance: Steve Morse
  • Additional product previews
  • DVD-ROM features: Tab booklet
  • Printable PDF reference materials
  • Internet connectivity
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