Plight Of The Redman 10 Th


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    Plight Of The Redman 10 Th SOAR/Sound Of America

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Review Text The debut of this Tom Bee-led rock outfit, originally released on Motown's Rare Earth subsidiary, suffers rather badly from being too tightly in step with its time period, resulting in suspect harmonies and song structures that overwhelm the Native American elements with generic rock flailing -- there are moments of real power and grace, but these never develop fully. To be somewhat fair, little was happening with Native American music at a mainstream level at the point of its release, so this was at least a worthy (if flawed) effort. The CD reissue provides new artwork, but no additional material. ~ Steven McDonald

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Beginning - 4:23
  2. 2. At Peace - 4:21
  3. 3. I Was Raised - 3:56
  4. 4. Nihaa Shil Hozho (I Am Happy About You) - 7:09
  5. 5. Coming of the Whiteman - 4:56
  6. 6. War Cry - 3:46
  7. 7. Someday - 4:05
  8. 8. End? - 4:52

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