Neverworlds End (Can)


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    Neverworlds End (Can) Napalm Records
    1. Neverworlds End (Can) Napalm Records
    2. Neverworld's End Napalm Records

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Review Text Five years after the release of their last album, 2007's Salomé: The Seventh Veil, German symphonic metal band Xandria return with their fifth effort, Neverworld's End, recorded with vocalist Manuela Kraller who replaces former singers Lisa Middelhauve (who left the band in 2008) and Kerstin Bischof (who joined in 2009 but left only a year later). With its orchestral arrangements, heavy riffs, choir, and Kraller's operatic vocals, the album recalls the earlier work of Nightwish (when the group was still fronted by Tarja Turunen), with a few Celtic and Oriental folk elements added for good measure ("Forevermore," "Call of the Wind"). The record is also available as a limited-edition edition with one bonus track ("When the Mirror Cracks"). ~ Christian Genzel

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Prophecy of Worlds to Fall
  2. 2. Valentine
  3. 3. Forevermore
  4. 4. Europhia
  5. 5. Blood On My Hands
  6. 6. Soulcrusher
  7. 7. Dream is Still Alive
  8. 8. Lost Elysion
  9. 9. Call of the Wind
  10. 10. Thousand Letters
  11. 11. Cursed
  12. 12. Nomad's Crown

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