Authentic Memphis Samich


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    Authentic Memphis Samich Wonderful Johnson

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Review Text Wonderful Johnson is no Wilco, but that's a tall order to live up to, and the band does traffic in a brand of British Invasion-infused country-rock that's similar to Wilco's monumental album Summer Teeth. From the melancholy strumming and bright chorus of the opening track to the subtle, '60s-esque use of strings, the at times spare, at times rollicking numbers characterize Authentic Memphis Samich, making the record a solid entry into the No Depression genre. Decent album artwork (how about a track listing for one thing?) and better names (c'mon, Authentic Memphis Samich?) would serve this group well. Their songwriting has a hooky power pop edge, and the tunes are actually quite infectious, but a presentation that does the music justice might actually garner Wonderful Johnson the attention they deserve. ~ Charles Spano

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. [Untitled Track] - 3:10
  2. 2. [Untitled Track] - 3:37
  3. 3. [Untitled Track] - 3:50
  4. 4. [Untitled Track] - 4:31
  5. 5. [Untitled Track] - 4:13
  6. 6. [Untitled Track] - 4:28
  7. 7. [Untitled Track] - 5:36
  8. 8. [Untitled Track] - 4:35
  9. 9. [Untitled Track] - 4:30

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