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    White Nights / O.S.T. (Mod) Atlantic

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Review Text In the vapid video age, music often overshadowed the accompanying movie. While most of these soundtracks slipped through the cracks and into obscurity or the delete bins, some (Footloose, Flashdance) became blockbusters. White Nights definitely belongs to that elite second group, because unlike most vinyl film collections, the platter actually survived the transition to CD. The successful sales of White Nights are directly linked to the Academy Award-nominated smash single "Separate Lives," wherein movie maestro Stephen Bishop supplies Phil Collins with another ubiquitous '80s number one via a consummate adult contemporary duet. Unfortunately, Marilyn Martin, the female faction of this tragic breakup bit, couldn't quite parlay the song's success into a solo career. Meanwhile, fresh from Ambrosia, David Pack flies alone on "Prove Me Wrong." Otherwise, listeners get forgotten folks like Jenny Burton and Sandy Stewart joining forgotten tracks by Robert Plant and Lou Reed. An enjoyable plate of arcana, the most notable aspect of White Nights is the glaring omission of Lionel Richie's Oscar-winning sap standard, "Say You Say Me," which is featured in the film and hit the high spot but is not included here. ~ Whitney Z. Gomes

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Separate Lives (Love Theme from White Nights) - 4:06
  2. 2. Prove Me Wrong - 4:19
  3. 3. Far Post - 5:43
  4. 4. People on a String - 4:01
  5. 5. This Is Your Day - 4:46
  6. 6. Snake Charmer - 4:42
  7. 7. Other Side of the World - 4:33
  8. 8. My Love Is Chemical - 5:30
  9. 9. Tapdance - 5:45
  10. 10. People Have Got to Move - 4:20

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