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    Transmetropolitian Lifeforce

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Review Text It seems as though more and more, one-dimensional metal is becoming a thing of the past. Case in point: a band such as War from a Harlots Mouth. Just when you're ready to label the group a prog/grindcore act, abrupt detours into hardcore and even jazz territory quickly show that the group refuses to be pigeonholed to a single metallic style, as evidenced throughout their full-length debut, 2007's Transmetropolitan. And as with many newer metal acts, the group's choice of song titles appear to be equal parts stream of consciousness and wise ass humor, as evidenced by "Heeey...Let's Start a Band," "If You Want to Blame Us for Something Wrong, Please Abuse This Song!," and "How To Disconnect from Your Social Surrounding in Half an Hour." And musically, it's as unpredictable and all over the map as their choices for song titles. How the heck these chaps will be able to pull off these demanding little ditties live will certainly be worth the price of a ticket when the group rolls into your town. ~ Greg Prato

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. How to Disconnect From Your Social Surrounding in Half an Hour
  2. 2. Heeey... Let's Start a Band!
  3. 3. District Attorneys Are Selling Your Blood
  4. 4. Trife Life
  5. 5. Fighting Wars With Keyboards
  6. 6. Mulder
  7. 7. Thousand Complaints, One Answer
  8. 8. If You Want to Blame Us For Something Wrong, Please Abuse This Song!
  9. 9. Rinding Dead Horses Is a Fucking Curse
  10. 10. Transmetropolitan
  11. 11. And in the Right to Make Mistakes, We May Lose and Start Again

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