David Gray:String Quartet


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    David Gray:String Quartet Vitamin Records

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Review Text While the String Quartet Tribute to David Gray naturally leans heavily on material from the Welshman's 1999 domestic breakthrough White Ladder, it wisely begins with a rousing, seriously heartwarming version of "Wisdom" (from his 1993 LP Century Ends), to be followed by the big hits, "Babylon" and "Sail Away." Of these, the latter is the better here -- its gentle need and melancholy is handled beautifully by the violins. Rounding out the quartet for this outing are cello, viola, and guitar; other highlights include "Please Forgive Me" (even if the additional drum programming is a little much), and "Dead in the Water," from 2002's underappreciated New Day at Midnight. Much of the emotional import of Gray's music is lost without his lyrics, rendering portions of this set as breezy background music. However, the melodies of the aforementioned tracks do shine through, offering Gray aficionados something that's perhaps a bit more tangible. ~ Johnny Loftus

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Wisdom - 3:18
  2. 2. Babylon - 4:54
  3. 3. Sail Away - 5:16
  4. 4. Birdw Without Wings - 5:54
  5. 5. Please Forgive Me - 5:39
  6. 6. Gathering Dust - 4:15
  7. 7. Other Side - 4:11
  8. 8. Dead in the Water - 3:06
  9. 9. Nightblindness - 4:21
  10. 10. Just Dreaming - 3:47

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