Circles & Artifacts (Hol)


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    Circles & Artifacts (Hol) CRADI

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Review Text There have been some dynamic collaborations in the e-music community. Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana (Dirk Serries) have collaborated on six CDs since 1995. Those discs have featured some of the community's best electro-tribal ambience and dark minimalism. Circles and Artifacts is an amazing soundscape. At 60+ minutes, it is one of the finest long-form minimalist soundscapes available and it features something extra. The package incorporates a DVD of the photography of Martina Verhoeven (Serries' wife) and the poetry of Linda Kohanov (Roach's wife). The dark atmospheric minimalism is suited perfectly for the abstract black and white photography of Verhoeven and Kohanov's existential poetry. Roach and Serries are two of the world's greatest electronic minimalists. Verhoeven is an excellent photographer; Kohanov has the soul of a poet, and that is an unbeatable combination. ~ Jim Brenholts

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