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Review Text Remarkably, this 2003 title is the very first CD to collect recordings by conductor Victor Young. The two dozen sides on this volume feature discs made with the renowned Brunswick Studio Orchestra. By the time that Young signed on with Brunswick Records, he had already established himself as a formidable arranger and bandleader, sporting successful sessions with Ben Pollack and His Orchestra, and Isham Jones; the latter on his landmark and definitive adaptation of the pop standard "Stardust." Young's trademark sound was already developing with highly affable melodies that are surprisingly intricate, as well as picking top-flight musicians who were able to further sonically embellish and round out the orchestration. The material covered offers a mixture of concurrent popular and show tunes -- which would foreshadow Young's future and his extensive cinematic work in the late '30s, '40s and '50s -- for which he would garner no less than 20 Oscar Award nominations. A majority of these songs were tailored as dance numbers and instantly recall the pre-big band jazz and ragtime of the early '30s. The light and bouncy "Rise 'n' Shine," "You Can Make My Life A Bed Of Roses" and the definitely non-drowsy rendering of "Sleep (Come On & Take Me)," are obligatory toe-tappers. They contrast the languid romance inherent in the bluesy "I've Got to Sing A Torch Song," and the lazy and rolling rhythm of "Take Me In Your Arms." Among the vocalists that Young worked with during this era: Paul Small, Dick Robertson, Frank Munn, Smith Ballew, Chick Bullock and Lynn Dori all contribute to this compilation. As one might anticipate, there were also a bevy of equally remarkable instrumental talents filtered through the Brunswick Studio Orchestra. Among the high profile personnel are the Dorsey Brothers Jimmy (sax/clarinet) and Tommy (trombone), Manny Klein (trumpet), Joe Venuti (violin), and Bunny Berigan (trumpet). This retrospective can be considered essential not only because it is the only one of its ilk; but also because it traces Victor Young's pre-Hollywood career in a wholly representative fashion. ~ Lindsay Planer

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Rise 'N' Shine - 3:52
  2. 2. Along Came Love - 3:04
  3. 3. You Can Make My Life a Bed of Roses (Marry Me) - 3:03
  4. 4. Dream Sweetheart - 3:46
  5. 5. My Darling - 3:48
  6. 6. Riddle Me This - 3:08
  7. 7. Take Me in Your Arms - 3:56
  8. 8. Three Guesses (Who Do I Love?) - 3:54
  9. 9. Tires - 3:08
  10. 10. Sleep (Come on and Take Me) - 3:04
  11. 11. Lawd, You Made the Night Too Long - 3:04
  12. 12. Two Tickets to Georgia - 3:58
  13. 13. Love Thy Neighbour - 3:54
  14. 14. I've Got to Sing a Torch Song - 3:45
  15. 15. Carolina - 3:00
  16. 16. I'll String Along With You - 3:46
  17. 17. Day You Came Along - 3:03
  18. 18. You Oughta Be in Pictures - 3:03
  19. 19. Nasty Man - 3:49
  20. 20. Day Without You - 3:55
  21. 21. Where Have We Met Before? - 3:54
  22. 22. Fair and Warmer - 3:01
  23. 23. You'll Never Get Up to Heaven That Way - 3:58
  24. 24. My Dog Loves Your Dog - 3:43

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