Various Artists - Visionquest Ultraviolet I / Var


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    Visionquest Ultraviolet I / Var Visionquest

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Review Text This Spring the influential Visionquest label run by Detroit born, Berlin based DJs and producers Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss is to take stock of the ground breaking work they have done so far by offering up a compilation of their greatest moments to date. Coming as a fantastic three CD package, discs 1 and 2 will offer up some of the most memorable releases on the label so far, whilst disc three is a stunning back catalogue mix put together by none other than DJ Three. The Visionquest label has very much carved out it's own sonic niche since 2011 when it launched. Spearheaded by cultured A&R, releases have ranged from deep house to spiritual techno and often come with a rare sense of melody that is both uplifting, colourful and charming.

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