Berlin 1992 A Tresor Comp


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    Berlin 1992 A Tresor Comp Novamute Records

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Review Text The first Tresor compilation, subtitled "The Techno Sound of Berlin" and released in 1992, defined its time and place, inaugurating the dawn of a golden age for German techno. Unlike later Tresor compilations, which tend to be very worldly, featuring producers from all corners of the earth, this first one represents strictly Germany, and more specifically Berlin. Thus it functions somewhat as a who's-who of the early German scene, rounding up the pioneers who would influence the subsequent wave of producers. Not surprisingly then, many of the featured tracks here have become classics. They were ahead of their time, foreshadowing the dark, foreboding techno-trance style that would very quickly overshadow Germany and much of Northern Europe. At the time, Berlin housed a burgeoning techno community, and Tresor stood tall as its beacon, showcasing this music at its legendary danceclub and breeding many of the world's best producers of the style. This particular volume includes Maurizio and Underground Resistance, arguably the two most influential techno producers of the early '90s (the latter anonymously remixing Ingator II's "Skyscratch"), and also includes Cosmic Baby and Mijk Van Dijk, two extremely foundational trance producers who contribute three tracks each under various monikers. Yet, even if the various forays into techno-trance do stand apart a bit, particularly since Tresor veered away from trance in subsequent years, this collection is novel nonetheless and undoubtedly historical. This is the beginning of a glorious era for Berlin as a techno mecca, and the featured tracks are the seeds from which the Tresor empire would sprout. ~ Jason Birchmeier

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Der Klang Der Familie - 7:33
  2. 2. Drugs Work - 5:40
  3. 3. Return and Revenge of the Catorade - 9:30
  4. 4. Skyscratch (Mano Mano) - 6:58
  5. 5. Phuture 2 - 5:49
  6. 6. High on Hope - 8:42
  7. 7. Ploy - 6:40
  8. 8. Cosmic Cubes - 4:08
  9. 9. Hypnotyzed - 5:51
  10. 10. It's Anything You Want It to Be and It's a Gas (Smoke Machine V2) - 5:42
  11. 11. Open Your Mind - 8:21
  12. 12. Don't Panic - 10:46
  13. 13. Outerlude - 1:47

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