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    Stop Look Listen / Various CD Baby

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Review Text From the Producer- It was the mid sixties. The controversial war in Vietnam was raging, 'environmental awareness' was increasing and the Hippies sprang up. People were becoming more 'aware' of localized issues like water and air pollution, insecticides, forest clear cutting and the like. The word 'Ecology' was invented and the organic food movement spread rapidly. Festivals such as Monterey International Pop and Woodstock increased awareness through music. Songs like 'Nature's Way' by Spirit, 'For what it's Worth' by Buffalo Springfield and 'Get Together' by The Youngbloods echoed the times and positively influenced many of the people. I know; I was there and I was influenced. Fast forward to current times... It is now common knowledge that the implementation of unsafe practices like geoengineering (chemtrails), GMO seed experimentation, offshore drilling, fracking, nuclear power plants and more have all gone unchecked and are now completely out of control and destroying the planet. I don't know WHO is behind all this, but I do believe they are all tied together in a scheme of control. If this is to change, I believe NOW is the time for all of us (the other 99%) to become active in the movements to alter the course of where our decision makers (whoever THEY are) have taken us. Many say 'it's too late' and have adopted a passive attitude. I believe differently. I am still optimistic concerning our planet's future. I believe through COLLECTIVE AWARENESS AND CONSCIOUSNESS, we, the people of this planet Earth, can divert the current destructive course and heal our current sad state of affairs. I believe music CAN make a difference. The Recording Artists and songs on this disc have been selected for their awareness, dedication, excellence and ability to directly deal with the issues at hand. I am grateful for their participation and patience with me in the production of this compilation Album. Please visit their websites and support them. Also, seek out the websites that deal with the above mentioned issues and get informed and involved. Time is running out. -Dennis Dragon.

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