Speed Garage Classics


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    Speed Garage Classics Logic Records

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Review Text Speed Garage Classics is a near-definitive collection of seminal speed-garage singles, featuring 17 cuts from such artists as Double 99 (two mixes of "Ripgroove," "Jump"), R.I.P. ("The Chant," "Ice Cream Dubplate"), Another Level ("Be Alone No More"), G Flame & Mr. G ("Make Me Hi," "Who Knows"), Underground Distortion ("Everythin' is Large"), Tina Moore ("Never Gonna Let You Go"), Genaside II ("Mr. Maniac"), Terry Hunter ("Harvest for the World"), Martha Wash ("Carry On"), Isha D ("Stay"), and Soundscape ("Dubplate Culture"). ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Rip Groove
  2. 2. Chant (W.E. R)
  3. 3. Be Alone No More
  4. 4. Make Me Hi
  5. 5. Everythin' Is Large
  6. 6. Rip Groove
  7. 7. Never Gonna Let You Go
  8. 8. Jump
  9. 9. Mr. Maniac
  10. 10. Harvest for the World
  11. 11. Who Knows
  12. 12. Carry On
  13. 13. What You Want
  14. 14. Give Ya Funk
  15. 15. Stay
  16. 16. Ice Cream Dubplate
  17. 17. Dubplate Culture

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