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    Jingle Smells 1005 Oglio Records

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Review Text Pull My Finger: Jingle Smells pits yuletide festiveness against unholy flatulence by adding sampled fart sounds to canned instrumental versions of several holiday classics. This same collection was originally released on the Arguegame label in 2004 (under the title, Pull My Finger, Vol. 3: Smelly Holidays) and returns here, via the Oglio imprint, with the track-listing unchanged and decidedly more elaborate packaging. The cover-art features a toy Santa hoisting a whoopee cushion over his shoulder, instead of his usual sack of toys - indeed a clever and funny visual. The 'music' contained on the disc is as gross and tasteless as could be expected, but a couple of the tunes do manage to show some genuine 'creativity.' Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" is defiled in "Sugarplum Farties," with the various squibs providing high contrast to the familiar tinkling celeste melody, and "We Wish You A Smelly Xmas" bursts forth with a pompous bravado that, dare it be said, sounds almost regal. Whether this album is an impressive exercise in creative audio editing or a tasteless gross-out session is entirely up to the individual consumer. Those with weak stomachs - or deep respect for classical composers - may find this stuff a little too much to take, while fans of bathroom humor will probably be rolling on the floor in hysterics every time they put it on. ~ J. Scott McClintock

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. XII Farts of Xmas - 2:47
  2. 2. We Wish You a Smelly Xmas - 2:31
  3. 3. Oh Gassy Tree - 2:30
  4. 4. Soil the Halls - 2:49
  5. 5. Stinky Dreidel - 1:18
  6. 6. Silent Butt Deadly Night - 1:02
  7. 7. We Wish You a Smelly Xmas - 1:14
  8. 8. Smells to the World - 3:30
  9. 9. Jingle Smells - 2:49
  10. 10. Sugarplum Farties - 2:59
  11. 11. Soil the Halls - 1:06
  12. 12. Auld Gas Sine - 2:40
  13. 13. Farts Under the Mistletoe - 1:15

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