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    Now Disney Princess / Various Capitol
    1. Now Disney Princess / Various Capitol
    2. Now That's What I Call Disney Princess / Various Now!

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Review Text Now That's What I Call Disney Princess offers up a one-stop shop of royalty-related (of the female persuasion) Disney hits culled from the soundtracks of multiple animated classics. Less bulky than 2013's five-part Disney Princess: Classic Album Selection, which focused on five specific films, this two-disc set rounds up highlights from a bevy of Disney staples including Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White, Pocahontas, Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, Enchanted, Mulan, and Alice in Wonderland, resulting in the most comprehensive (as of 2014) collection of Princess jams to date. ~ James Christopher Monger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Kiss The Girl [From Little Mermaid]
  2. 2. Colors of The Wind [From Pocahontas]
  3. 3. Whole New World [From Aladdin]
  4. 4. Part Of Your World [From The Little Mermaid]
  5. 5. That's How You Know [From Enchanted]
  6. 6. Reflection [From Mulan]
  7. 7. Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes [From Cinderella]
  8. 8. I See the Light [From Tangled]
  9. 9. Beauty And The Beast [From Beauty And The Beast]
  10. 10. Once Upon A Dream [From Sleeping Beauty]
  11. 11. True Love’s Kiss [From Enchanted]
  12. 12. Almost There [From Princess And The Frog]
  13. 13. So This Is Love [From Cinderella]
  14. 14. Belle [From Beauty & The Beast ]
  15. 15. Where Do We Go From Here [From Pocahontas 2]
  16. 16. I Wonder [From Sleeping Beauty ]
  17. 17. Something There [From Beauty And The Beast]
  18. 18. Waiting For My Prince [From Sleeping Beauty]
  19. 19. When Will My Life Begin [From Tangled]
  20. 20. Someday my Prince Will Come [From Snow White]

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