Sounds Of The Everglades


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    Sounds Of The Everglades St. Clair

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Review Text Music for Relaxation: Singing Birds and Sounds of the Everglades is a relatively benign -- but very cool -- double CD of nature sounds with no enhancements. "Singing Birds" does not need enhancements. The creators of this disc chose -- wisely -- to let the birds create the symphony. There are no attempts to rearrange the instruments into any kind of man-made structure. "Sounds of the Everglades," equally unenhanced, has a more ambient and minimalist structure. An underlying buzz from crickets and/or cicadas creates a perfect drone. Sounds from other animals and nature surround the drone giving it a natural enhancement. As these types of discs go, this one is a bargain and a diamond in the rough. ~ Jim Brenholts

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CD: 1

  1. 1. [Untitled Track] - 60:40

CD: 2

  1. 2. [Untitled Track] - 60:59

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