L'incoronata Milano Loung


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    L'incoronata Milano Loung Amiata

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Review Text L'Incoronata: a church in Milan, a small restaurant behind the church, and an album of music featured at the restaurant, as well as across the Amiata label. This compilation is the work of DJ Massimo Spada and takes roughly half of the works from various Amiata albums. Like some of the other Amiata compilations, the sound here is one largely of urban sophistication with high production values stereotypical of the Italian dance and trance scenes, but there's a little more of an edge here than there is in, say, Diana Garden. The pieces of the puzzle that are put into the mixes on L'Incoronata are a little more diverse, with touches of Brazilian, dashes of jungle and house, and bits of horn punches now and then. The album lends itself well to service as ambient music, more to be heard and/or felt than "listened" to in some respects. It's a nice listen, but more so a fusion of sounds put together in a pleasing way to sit in the background of activities. It's quite a slick album throughout, with a thick feel of the contemporary and the urban holding the tracks together coherently. As an added bonus, a few of the recipes from the restaurant fill the liner notes -- multilingually, no less. ~ Adam Greenberg

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. No Jive - 5:34
  2. 2. Jungle Baba Mix - 4:12
  3. 3. Vers l'Est - 3:23
  4. 4. Paris Night - 5:51
  5. 5. To Ulrike M. - 6:48
  6. 6. Night Over Manaus - 5:15
  7. 7. Karma Shabda - 5:09
  8. 8. Revelation Dub - 3:11
  9. 9. Red Sky - 5:16
  10. 10. Suzuki - 6:04
  11. 11. Maison - 6:16
  12. 12. Last Dance - 3:44

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