Heart Of Innocence / Various


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    Heart Of Innocence / Various Valley Entertainment

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Review Text For this album, producer Lloyd Barde sets out to celebrate women. It would not be a stretch to interpret this title Biblically. Drawing from the story in Genesis, this compilation seeks to reclaim womanhood by casting her collective story in a more compassionate light. Indeed, the female is seen here as a liberator, not as a catalyst for a fall from grace. All 13 tracks on HEART OF INNOCENCE explore love, romance, pain, and life's meaning from a feminine point of view. Suzee Waters Benjamin's "Be at Peace" is one such example. A song about the devastation of a great romance, Benjamin implores the listener to be at peace with life's disappointments. Donna De Lory's "On and On" echoes this same sentiment. Highlighting the circular nature of love and pain, De Lory's simple refrain closes this album with an air of optimism and triumph. Overall, all 12 artists evoke the natural beauty of the female voice through songs that emphasize resiliency and faith. This is not just an album for women either; the overarching concepts presented here remain quite universal.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. In the Sun - 7:32
  2. 2. Innocent Heart - 3:25
  3. 3. Shores of Avalon - 6:45
  4. 4. Rosalinda - 5:17
  5. 5. Crucial - 5:02
  6. 6. Before We Left This All Behind - 5:50
  7. 7. Naked - 4:34
  8. 8. And Now - 9:41

CD: 2

  1. 9. Be at Peace - 5:07
  2. 10. Fair Skye - 5:31
  3. 11. Tula - 5:48
  4. 12. Child - 5:24
  5. 13. On and On - 5:02

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