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    Fado:Exquisite Passion903 Narada

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Review Text "Fado" is a word that means "fate" or "destiny" in Portuguese, but it is also the name of a unique genre of heartbroken love song that has its origins in the Lisbon subculture of the early 19th century, in which the lifestyle and music that took on the name "fado" were defined. The word refers, in part, to the lyrical content of the songs themselves, which is usually concerned with the interference of fate or destiny in the romantic life of the singer. This disc brings together several tracks each by four of Portugal's most important current practitioners of the tradition: Mafalda Arnauth, Cristina Branco, Mariza, and the grande dame of modern fado, Amália Rodrigues. Accompanied only by six-string classical guitar and/or the Portuguese 12-string guitarra, these four women offer an excellent introduction to the fado tradition. Highlights include Cristina Branco's sweetly heartbroken performance of "Ai Vida," as well as the slightly gruffer-voiced Mafalda Arnauth's equally gorgeous "Talvez Se Chame Saudade," but it is the apparently ageless Amália Rodrigues who really takes charge, on songs like "Primavera" and the elegant and almost operatic "Foi Deus." Very highly recommended. ~ Rick Anderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. As Fontes - 4:35
  2. 2. Ai Vida - 4:49
  3. 3. Por Ti! - 3:29
  4. 4. Com Que Voz - 3:20
  5. 5. Mew Amor é Marinheiro - 3:46
  6. 6. O Instante Dos Sentidos - 5:00
  7. 7. Primavera - 4:58
  8. 8. Meu Amor, Meu Amor (Meu Limão de Amargura) - 3:22
  9. 9. Loucura - 3:28
  10. 10. Talvez Se Chame Saudade - 4:58
  11. 11. Post-Scriptum - 3:58
  12. 12. Esta Voz Que Me Atravessa - 4:46
  13. 13. Foi Deus - 4:42

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