Sounds Of The Aborigine


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    Sounds Of The Aborigine Kado Records

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Review Text Unfortunately lacking in terms of performer and production information, this Murdo McCrae/Harry Wilson-produced set provides six traditional pieces featuring didgeridoos and rhythm sticks, with the occasional use of spirit wind/bullroar and vocal groupings. The musical structure is very low-key, which might well put off enthusiasts used to the more popularized stunt didgeridoo playing that helped to bring the instrument to attention around the world -- there are bursts of animal imitation to had, but the accent is more on interweaving drones and pulses, excellent for meditation and ritual, but likely distracting for straightforward listening purposes. For those using CD changers, it should be noted that the mastering level on this disc is a little on the low side, so plan accordingly. ~ Steven McDonald

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Sunrise Over Uluru - 7:21
  2. 2. Forest of Gum Trees and Running Water - 6:51
  3. 3. Cave Inhabited by Spirits - 7:10
  4. 4. Old Woman's Island Up on Nth. Old Coast - 8:28
  5. 5. Storm Over Waratah in New South Wales - 5:55
  6. 6. Gathering of Musicians & Dancers in a Celebration of Tribal Stories - 8:14

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