Boys On Top: Punk Rock Tribute Avril Lavigne / Var


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    Boys On Top: Punk Rock Tribute Avril Lavigne / Var Vitamin Records

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Review Text Boys on Top: Punk Rock Tribute to Avril Lavigne finds a collection of up-and-comers tearing into highlights from the punky pop princess's two full-length albums. Since Avril's music is made with the help of professional songwriters and producers -- giving it a slick, nothing-out-of-place quality -- it's interesting to hear what happens to "I'm With You" or "Things I'll Never Say" in the grittier context of your local punk-pop combo. For its part, Denver Harbor does a great job with "I'm With You"'s dynamics. Near Miss has fun playing the pronouns of "Don't Tell Me" straight, and knows to leave the song's enormous chorus as is. Remik transforms the half-time lilt of "Complicated" into an energetic, New Found Glory-style rocker complete with pogo-worthy chorus breakdowns, and Small Victory scraps the soft harmonies and synthesizer backgrounds of Let Go's "Tomorrow" in favor of an ambitious, guitar-heavy arrangement that shows off Mark Walker's vocal. Not everything here works as well. Life With Jonas can't really find the groove of "Sk8er Boi" -- the original's whining guitar hook is lost amid a crush of rhythm guitar chug. And while M.O.R.'s attempt to turn "My Happy Ending" into an urgent emo ballad is admirable, it fails because you're waiting for the kick-in that never comes. Still, despite a few weak spots, Boys on Top generally succeeds at giving Avril a run for her punk-pop money. ~ Johnny Loftus

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. I'm With You - 4:01
  2. 2. Don't Tell Me - 3:23
  3. 3. Tomorrow - 4:35
  4. 4. Sk8er Boi - 4:50
  5. 5. Complicated - 3:02
  6. 6. Naked - 3:28
  7. 7. Anything But Ordinary - 3:29
  8. 8. My Happy Ending - 5:49
  9. 9. Losing Grip - 4:13
  10. 10. Things I'll Never Say - 4:01

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