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Review Text Released by Toronto-based hip-hop label Hand'Solo, Bassments of Badmen, Vol. 2, a compilation of songs from (mainly) Canadian artists, should fit comfortably into any fan of Rhymesayers or Anticon's catalog. Meaning, it's a lot of angry rappers who lament the state of the world and their own unhappiness to varying degrees of success. Some, like Toolshed or Restiform Bodies (who are in fact on Anticon) are pretty good, intelligent, interesting, and musically capable, while others, like Noah23 and Epic, have a predictable alternative rap sound and lines, slow, nearly-spoken delivery, and annoying, nasally voices. It's not exemplary northern hip-hop -- it sounds a lot like everything else out there, and doesn't really offer anything new, and probably the two most famous Canadian rappers, Buck 65 and Sixtoo, both of whom are associated with Hand'Solo, are missing from the album -- but as a basic sampler of what's available in the Canadian underground rap scene, it's as good as anything else. ~ Marisa Brown

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