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    Project 2 0702 Stir 15

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Review Text The second City Slickers collection from the Stir15 label in Germany highlights the house label's roster of talented producers and their laid-back, jazzy styles. Some of the featured producers include Boobjazz, Glance, Convergence Club, Soulglow, and Lazar, who all balance the fine line of making tracks that are indeed laid-back yet still worthy of dancefloor play. It's not an easy balance, for sure, which is precisely why Stir15 belongs in the same category as other renowned, laid-back, yet dancefloor-orientated house labels like Guidance in Chicago and Om in San Francisco. Overall, each of the tracks here on Allstar Alliance City Slickers are released elsewhere on vinyl, most are instrumental, and about half are versions. The three vocal tracks -- the Chris Gray dub of Glance's "Everyday," the C/Rock vocal dub of Lazar's "And This Is Her, Smiling," and the original mix of Glance's "Fascinations" -- come late in the session and conclude the album grandly. In fact, these three tracks leave you hungry for more vocal tracks. But for the most part, Stir15 sticks with instrumental tracks for this collection, emphasizing the multitude of instruments the various producers employ and also the subdued mood that lingers throughout the album, even when the final few vocal tracks increase the intensity level a notch. Like the aforementioned Guidance and Om labels, Stir15 should lure in not just househeads but also those interested in the nu-jazz style most often associated with fellow German label Compost. This is versatile music that works both in the bedroom and on the dancefloor as well as everywhere in between, surely a testament to how effective this music is. ~ Jason Birchmeier

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Big City Lights - 7:18
  2. 2. Midnight Ceremony - 7:47
  3. 3. Chocolate Weazle - 5:56
  4. 4. Just Give It Up - 6:48
  5. 5. Iltapala - 5:59
  6. 6. Moodprintz - 8:39
  7. 7. Fortune Cookie - 8:08
  8. 8. Everyday - 6:04
  9. 9. Rough Bound - 8:30
  10. 10. And This Is Her, Smiling - 8:08
  11. 11. Fascinations - 8:00

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