Urubu (Spa)


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    Urubu (Spa) Rhino
    1. Urubu (Spa) Rhino
    2. Urubu (Jpn)
    3. Urubu (Mod) Warner Archives / Warner Bros.

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Review Text Urubu is the album that MCA's Jobim probably aspired to be, a total break away from the bossa nova past that is both ambitious and strikingly original. The shock of dissonant strings, percussive and wind sounds from the Brazilian interior greet us on the first track "Bôto," the first of four songs in which a defiant Jobim throws structural complexities at us and sings in Portuguese only. The second four tracks are an even more radical departure; all are classical orchestral pieces, melancholy and even anguished in tone, owing little or nothing to anyone, streaked with imaginative, even avant-garde orchestral touches from Claus Ogerman. Clearly we are not on the Ipanema beach anymore, and although this may be rough going for jazz-minded Jobim fans, the pay-off is a glimpse into the depths of Jobim's soul. ~ Richard S. Ginell

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Bôto (Porpoise)
  2. 2. Ligia
  3. 3. Correnteza [The Stream]
  4. 4. Angela
  5. 5. Saudade Do Brasil
  6. 6. Valse
  7. 7. Arquitetura de Morar [Architecture to Live]
  8. 8. Homem [Man]

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