Truth 0205


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    Truth 0205 The New No Limit / Koch
    1. Truth 0205 The New No Limit / Koch
    2. Screwed:The Truth 0505 Koch
    3. Truth/The (Clean) The New No Limit / Koch

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Review Text Master P's No Limit -- be it the old or new No Limit -- has always been accused of being stuck in a rut and releasing albums that are more of the same thugging and swaggering. But thugs just coming to know No Limit through Tru's The Truth have it better than old-school fans thanks in large part to Drumma Boy. He's the producer behind every great track on the album, and if it weren't for his work, The Truth would be a tedious failure. It may have been six years since the last Tru album, and the lineup of Master P's group may have changed, but when it comes to the volatile thug numbers, lyrically nothing has changed. This would be fine if Tru was filled with top-notch rappers, but they're only fair when it comes to flowing during the verse, a bit better when chanting a chorus. The album is overstuffed with rousing calls to arms, all with militaristic beats and that synth-horn P loves, but with the hypnotic and horribly catchy loops Drumma Boy lays under these tired rhymes, The Truth ends up being a lot better than expected. The sleazy numbers fare much better since it seems P and the boys are more moved by booty than warfare, while a guest appearance by an inspired C-Murder straight from his jail cell adds value to the album. No Limit detractors can take justified shots at The Truth, but in the hands of Drumma Boy, Tru's same-old, same-old style might not sound fresh, but it's more exciting than expected. ~ David Jeffries

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Where U From - 5:35
  2. 2. Photo Book - 5:35
  3. 3. Go Off - 4:06
  4. 4. Stressin' - 3:20
  5. 5. Street Army - 5:17
  6. 6. Drama - 3:12
  7. 7. Welcome to New Orleans - 4:07
  8. 8. You Ain't Sayin Nothin' - 4:06
  9. 9. Shake It - 3:17
  10. 10. Sea Saw for Me - 3:47
  11. 11. Hood & Street - 5:39
  12. 12. Headhunter - 3:03
  13. 13. Squeeze - 4:32
  14. 14. Buckle Up - 4:00
  15. 15. Ride - 3:56
  16. 16. Point 'Em Out - 4:24
  17. 17. Here We Come - 3:27

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