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    Twentythree (Jpn) Toshiba EMI
    1. Twentythree (Jpn) Toshiba EMI
    2. Twentythree (Dig) Virgin

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Review Text Tristan Prettyman hails from the same San Diego singer/songwriter scene that bred Jason Mraz, but her songs aren't as winking or orchestrated -- they usually just rely on her tasteful, slightly flirty lilt out front and an acoustic guitar. In fact, Twentythree is almost purely acoustic, which makes its gentle folk-pop sound more genuine. Mraz duets with Prettyman on "Shy That Way," and they share a sideman in the talented Michael Andrews. "Love Love Love" also has a bit of that loopy unplugged funk that drives most of Jack Johnson's work, so it's pretty clear where Virgin has slotted the album. But it's never overproduced -- "Always Feel This Way" even sounds like it was recorded live, maybe back in one of those San Diego coffeehouses. The song's also a great example of how Prettyman assumes the phrasing of Ani DiFranco without being too earnest about it. Twentythree's quietest moments might be its most rewarding. "Electric" glimmers like the aqua Pacific sky over windy pedal steel, while "Simple as It Should Be," is just her, some brushed percussion, and warm acoustic strumming. G. Love's harmonica adds color, but it's really about the way Prettyman's voice nearly cracks on all the high notes. Tristan Prettyman gives you the key to her album in its title. Twentythree isn't jazzily sophisticated beyond her years, or juiced with ear-popping hooks for radio. It's the work of a woman with some stories to tell -- about love, about life's left turns, about remembering to breathe -- before you finish your drink and head out into the world. ~ Johnny Loftus

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