Ariminor Blues (Ita)


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    Ariminor Blues (Ita) Splac

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Review Text Guitarist Roberto Monti and bassist Stefano Travaglini have built, over the past six years, a devastatingly original jazz quintet. Their blend of modal post-bop and blues has stamped itself all over the younger generation of Italian jazzers. With its outside-leaning improvisations and strung-out harmonic interplay, Travaglini and Monti carry the bass and guitar into new spaces in the jazz mainstream while retaining a healthy respect for the two-horn front line (in the shape of a tenor and trombone). With the exception of a mutated cover of Rodgers and Hart's "Have You Met Miss Jones," all of the material on Ariminor Blues is original. From "Meodello Base," which opens the album with its strident, angular arpeggios by Monti that are echoed in gorgeous contrapuntal harmony by saxophonist Mauro Negri in blues-like empathy, to Monti's "Vomere," with its modal bebop augmented by a George Russell melodic framework -- where trombone, guitar, and tenor wind around each other with different phrasings in opposite key signature, and the tempo and rhythm section tries to account for them all expansively -- this is highly original jazz, a music which is at once immediate and creative, forceful, as well as rooted in the various secret histories of the genre. This is a solid effort of startling musicianship and raucous emotion. ~ Thom Jurek

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