Cereal Killers


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Review Text A frat-rock band for the 90s, Too Much Joy revels in noisy guitars, wiseacre observations, odes to partying, and unbridled enthusiasm, all of which converge on their best album,Cereal Killers. The opening lyrics of "Susquehanna Hat Company" immediately demand attention by emphasizing profanity, and the rest of the album never lets up. Even the pure pop of the catchy "Crush Story" is supported by intense, faux-amateur musicianship in the vein of the 60's garage bands these guys undoubtedly admire, albeit with the benefit of superior production technology. "King of Beers" is humorous without being overly sophomoric, as is the semi-fictional "Thanksgiving in Reno", which must be heard to be appreciated. Sometimes, beneath the sarcasm and sloppy rhythms, an amazing insight is discovered, although it's probably not what the band intended. And in the end, it's obvious they don't care either, which makes such discoveries even more entertaining. The paradoxically charming/obnoxious vocals and lyrical content take center stage, but the music fights for equal recognition; it is often powerful, occasionally reflective, and reveals new layers with each intriguing spin. Too Much Joy executes the time-honored rock & roll feat of sounding like they're about to fall apart while they continue to forge ahead. As the band philosophizes in "Theme Song," "to create/you must destroy/smash a glass and cry/too much joy". A diamond in the rough, Cereal Killers contains many unpolished gems that can be unearthed by any listener who doesn't mind getting a little dirty in the process. ~ Vince Ripol

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Susquehanna Hat Compan
  2. 2. Good Kill
  3. 3. William Holden Caulfield
  4. 4. Crush Story
  5. 5. Pirate
  6. 6. King Of Beers
  7. 7. Nothing On My Mind
  8. 8. Pride Of Frankenstein
  9. 9. Sandbox
  10. 10. Gramatan
  11. 11. Thanksgiving In Reno
  12. 12. Long Haired Guys From England
  13. 13. Goodbye Ohio
  14. 14. Theme Song

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