Toninho Horta (Jpn)


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    Toninho Horta (Jpn)

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Review Text Highly regarded in Brazilian circles, Toninho Horta has also attracted some attention in the U.S. over the years (mostly in the jazz world). This self-titled date, reissued on CD in 1990, makes it clear that Horta (an expressive pop singer who is also a moving jazz guitarist) knows how to get his points across quite well without being aggressive. Horta's warm vocals on such caressing, samba-influenced pop as "Sagun," "Minha Casa" and "Bons Amigos" show just how effective subtlety can be. As gentle and restrained as Horta is, he never comes across as wimpy or lightweight. Horta the instrumentalist is well represented by "The Vulture's Rights" and "Prato Feito," which boasts Pat Metheny on electric guitar. When Metheny and Horta play side by side, it's easy to hear how they've influenced one another. Consistently strong, this CD demonstrates that Metheny has good reason to hold Horta in such high regard. ~ Alex Henderson

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