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Review Text The album was recorded over several weeks in Essex, MD and Towson, MD. Due to logistical issues, much of the session was recorded in parts then blended together, though vocalist Tom Moore was present for nearly all sessions. 'The Edge of the World' was added to the record late in the process as Moore had the lyrics and refrain in his head, and gave the basic melody to Todd Simon. Moore wrote the bridge to the song with the haunting lyric 'love can only love what loves us' the night before the recording of the song. The band had fully recorded the Cole Porter track 'Anything Goes' for the record, but it was removed in favor of 'Edge' which better fit the theme of the album. The song was written about a girl Moore was dating who 'ran off to Austria when I wanted her to stay and be my girlfriend,' Moore has said. The recording was filmed by documentarian Ron Israel, best known for being New York City icon 'The Naked Cowboy''s videographer. During the recording, in the summer of 2009, Israel shot band members in studio and at live gigs, plus interviewed band members and even recorded vocalist Tom Moore at his WCBM (Baltimore) Saturday radio show. Songs were chosen for the record by producer Dagan, who came to the project a week before recording had been scheduled to begin after creative differences between Moore and the original producer of the project. Dagan vetoed certain songs in favor of lesser-known songs, which ended up becoming some of the album's best tracks, including 'Blue Fool' which Frank Sinatra has called one of his favorite songs and Dagan's own 'We Just Ran Out of Love.' 'Suddenly' was a largely-improvised song which Moore had originally written as a more up-tempo ballad. Sax player Oliver Fairley was given free reign to explore and the principal music tracks were recorded in just two takes. Jazz musician Eric Benet became an early admirer of the song as Moore played an early version of the track in the St. Louis Airport in August of 2009. Benet suggested to 'up the vocals,' which engineer Dave Underhill did, leading to the finished track. Moore often introduces the song live by saying: 'It's a feeling you have. One hot summer night. A gazeebo, at the end of a very long pier. You look at the person, the other person looks at you and you know it's going to be passionate, hot, but it won't last very long.' Supposedly Moore based this on his collegiate experience at The University of Richmond, which has a gazeebo that has long been called one of America's 'Most Romantic' places. 'Now That I Have Everything' is the love story of legendary songwriter Ervin Drake and his eventual wife Edith. Drake famously had a torrid relationship while he was young with Edith, a dancer at the time for Gypsy Rose Lee. 'The girl who lived up the stairs' -- as his song 'It Was a Very Good Year' describes Edith. But one day Edith's brother answered the phone when Drake called and told him never to call again. He never spoke to her again for over 40 years, then suddenly Edith read in the newspaper that Ervin's wife had died. She phoned out of the blue to say her husband died as well. The rest is history as they quickly re-united and married. 'Good Morning Heartache,' made famous by Billie Holliday, features lyrics written by Drake about his experience after losing Edith. 'I felt it every day,' he said of the track's title. Moore began his journey after meeting Drake after a performance at Jim Caruso's Cast Party and New York jazz club Birdland. Drake invited Moore to his house in Great Neck, NY and Moore sang 'It Was a Very Good Year' with Drake and another tune. Drake handed him the sheet music to 'Now That I Have Everything' and Moore and Simon would later peform this and 'It Was a Very Good Year' in front of the Drakes at 'Don't Tell Mama Cabaret and Piano Bar' in New York. Drake did not initially like Moore's take of 'Everything' but a later performance, at Drake's 90th birthday party at Hofstra University was met with raves from the ce

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