Tom Grounds - Somthing That I Wanted You to Know


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Review Text A Note to the Listener: Cabaret Music is like a stained glass window to the soul. When you hear a great performer, with the right piece of music, they touch you in ways you never could imagine. They open up and let you see the different colors, shapes and textures of the song through their voice. The singer is merely a catalyst that pulls you into the song and the emotion - but you see and feel it through your own experiences and emotions. That's what they mean when they say you connect with a performer - that you can relate. They take ou to places in your own heart that you may have never known were there, or haven't visited in a long time. Cabaret Music is meant to be an interactive medium - where you are in the room with the performer for the magic that is only present for that moment - as the audience, musicians and performer come together and make magic. That is difficult to do with an album - however, to enable the two-way flow of a live performance, we have set up an area of the TAGLine Music web site where you can get additional information about the music. But, we didn't want to just stop there. We want to know what these special songs mean to you - how they touched you (hopefully they touched you) and your thoughts about them. So, we give you the opportunity to share your thought and stories as well. To share your special experience of this album, please share with us at our web site using the link to the left. Musically yours, Tom.

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