Its The Arps


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    12-inch Single
    Its The Arps Olsen

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Review Text Norwegian DJ, producer, and remixologist Todd Terje was once referred to as "king of the summer jams," a title he'll retain as long as he continues to pump out buoyant, sunny disco tracks like the ones on his 2012 EP It's the Arps. Known as much (possibly more) for his edits of classic Bee Gees and Michael Jackson tracks and remixes of fellow Euro-pal dance artists, Terje presents four of his own pieces in a sort of experimental five-song demo of the classic ARP 2600 analog synthesizer. Coming off like a 1970s science-class film-strip soundtrack played on a beachside dancefloor, It's the Arps bleeps and blops its way lovingly into your cerebral cortex, imploring you to have a good time. Warmly recorded and expertly wielded, the ARP 2600 comes to life in Terje's confident hands on tracks like the pulsing house opener "Inspector Norse" and the astral two-part "Swing Star." These strange, glimmering tracks could only come from the twilit land of the midnight sun. Long live the king of the summer jams. ~ Timothy Monger

Track Listing

12-inch Single 1

  1. 1. Inspector Norse
  2. 2. Mygsommer
  3. 3. Swing Star, Pt. 1
  4. 4. Swing Star, Pt. 2

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