Vamos Dar A Volta No G798


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    Vamos Dar A Volta No G798 Polygram

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Review Text A live album usually mean a higher energy level and Vamos Dar a Volta No Guetho: Ao Vivo is no exception. Recorded in their hometown, Salvador de Bahia, with guest vocalists ranging from creative mentor Carlinhos Brown to Caetano Veloso and Marisa Monte, Timbalada serves up a 50-minute shot of criss-crossing Brazilian rhythms designed to make you sweat with scarcely any between-song breathing space or extraneous solo padding. By this point, the group's lead singers have their roles defined -- Patricia Gomes for the female leads, Denny as the smooth love man, and Ninha to stir the crowd up -- so Timbalada can change the dynamics of the set just by shifting vocalists. The group seems intent on introducing their different sides right off the bat; after a few introductory snatches of the "Smoke on the Water" guitar riff, "A Latinha" hits fast and furious behind horns, drums, and Ninha's rabble-rousing. "Toque de Timbaleiro" features Ivette Sangalo and Gomes trading lead vocals before heading into Denny's territory on "Beija-Flor," although the rockabilly twang guitar is certainly a new twist. Veloso's first appearance on "Margarida Perfumada" flows so seamlessly from "Beija-Flor" you don't realize there's been a change in singers at first. The arrangements are stop-on-a-dime precise -- "Mimar Você" works in snappy horns and jabbing clavinet, while "Perdido de Amor" is an appealing samba/ragga/dancehall mix. The jubilant music of "Papá Papet" uses Sangalo's soothing voice as a cooling counterpoint to the high-pitched backing chorus. Whipping up crowd participation is central to Ninha's role, and with the blitzkrieg batucada behind him on the fevered "Aê Aê" or the explosive opening to "Ai," it's pretty hard to resist. One advantage of a percussion ensemble is that it doesn't matter how hard and fast the music drives as long as everyone is in sync rhythmically and Timbalada most definitely is on Vamos Dar a Volta No Guetho. It passes the live album acid test with no problems -- it makes you feel the excitement of the concert and wish you'd been there in the flesh. ~ Don Snowden

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