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Review Text Tim McGraw has had an impressive string of chart successes, but truthfully, most of what is on this third volume of his greatest hits is a case of diminishing returns, and aside from a couple of tracks here, it doesn't make for essential listening. The snarling "Do You Want Fries with That" is included, which is fun to hear maybe once or twice, but it's really more of a good conceptual idea than it is an effective, lasting song, and "Real Good Man" is also here, which manages to rise above its obvious clichéd construction for the most part. McGraw's version of Bruce Robison's "Angry All the Time" is both a striking song and performance and is the clear centerpiece of this collection, while "Find Out Who Your Friends Are," which features Tracy Lawrence, has a comforting and commonplace wisdom, and anyone who has had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and then discovered that there's no jack in the trunk, well, this is the song you'll want to sing, and yes, you'll probably find out who your friends are, which is always good to know. Truthfully, the rest of these tracks seem a bit like filler, with more bluster than lasting substance, and the first volume of McGraw's greatest hits is still the only one most listeners will really need. This one feels too much like a marketing afterthought. ~ Steve Leggett

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Back When - 4:29
  2. 2. Last Dollar (Fly Away) - 4:56
  3. 3. If You're Reading This - 4:05
  4. 4. Do You Want Fries with That - 4:57
  5. 5. Unbroken - 4:00
  6. 6. Can't Be Really Gone - 3:20
  7. 7. Angry All the Time - 5:30
  8. 8. Suspicions - 4:13
  9. 9. Find Out Who Your Friends Are - 4:46
  10. 10. Let It Go - 4:43
  11. 11. Real Good Man - 3:16
  12. 12. Nine Lives - 4:32

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