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    Vendetta Trustkill
    1. Vendetta Trustkill
    2. Vendetta (Cln) Trustkill

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Review Text Although 2003's Haymaker was a tough act to follow, Throwdown don't lose any creative ground on their inspired follow-up, Vendetta. Those who use bloated phrases like "the future of metal" to describe Throwdown are going overboard with the hype; however, it is no exaggeration to say that the southern California outfit is one of the more impressive bands in the metalcore field -- and considering how many metalcore bands were formed in the late '90s and early to mid-2000s, that is saying a lot. All of the things that made Haymaker a winner are equally prevalent on Vendetta; from the intelligent lyrics to the infectious hooks to the conviction that Dave Peters brings to his blistering lead vocals, Vendetta is easily one of 2005's strongest metalcore discs. While the lyrics are full of angst and anger, Vendetta isn't just an exercise in angst for the sake of angst; Throwdown speak of the importance of dignity, self-respect, and friendship in a world where those things can be hard to come by. The Orange County residents are definitely coming from a straight-edge perspective, but they manage to avoid sounding preachy. Some straight-edge bands can be overbearingly preachy and remind listeners that a smug, self-righteous politically correct vegan can be every bit as annoying as a Religious Right gasbag like Sean Hannity. But Throwdown has a message that listeners can relate to on some level even if they aren't part of the straight-edge scene. Of course, some Throwdown fans aren't going to spend a lot of time analyzing their lyrics -- they simply enjoy the exhilaration that the band's forceful songs (which draw on influences ranging from Sepultura to Black Flag) give them in the mosh pit. And moshers who enjoyed Haymaker in 2003 won't find Vendetta to be the least bit disappointing. ~ Alex Henderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. We Will Rise - 3:24
  2. 2. Speak the Truth - 3:16
  3. 3. Vendetta - 3:50
  4. 4. Burn - 3:11
  5. 5. Discipline - 3:20
  6. 6. To Live Is to Sacrifice - 4:49
  7. 7. Give My Life - 4:07
  8. 8. World Behind - 4:04
  9. 9. Shut You Down - 4:56
  10. 10. Annihilation (N.W.D.) - 6:47
  11. 11. This Is Where It Ends - 2:46

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