Phenomenon 0903


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    Phenomenon 0903 Tooth & Nail

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Review Text Devoted headbangers the world over welcomed the arrival of CCM nu-metal groups like Thousand Foot Krutch with open arms. With the crunch but without the sludge, the trio of Trevor McNevan (vocals/guitar), Joel Bruyere (bass), and Steve Augustine (drums) pack condensed enlightenment into the thrashing song form of the 21st century. As suspected, the spiritual substance is diluted somewhat to fit the pounding rhythms. Most tracks are short and sweet, revealing a punk/ska influence rather than clock-hogging metal. In this age of iPods and single-song downloads, it's an extra treat to find an album without fillers. There are no weak tracks here, just a healthy mix of tempos for the true hardcore metalhead. Aaron Sprinkle's production reveals a clean rhythm section with the hip-hop punch of Maroon 5. "Last Words" features one of the few variations on the band's sound, held together by a groovy bass riff. The sole ballad, "This Is a Call," is a pure radio-friendly concoction of sympathy and vulnerability. ~ Jared Johnson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Phenomenon - 3:59
  2. 2. Step to Me - 3:00
  3. 3. Last Words - 3:48
  4. 4. This Is a Call - 4:49
  5. 5. Rawkfist - 3:40
  6. 6. Faith, Love and Happiness - 3:54
  7. 7. I Climb - 3:24
  8. 8. Quicken - 3:51
  9. 9. New Design - 3:29
  10. 10. Bounce - 3:06
  11. 11. Ordinary - 3:09
  12. 12. Break the Silence - 3:03

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