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    They Got Lost 1005 Zoe

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Review Text They Might Be Giants are one of too-few bands that manage to make compilations that are as cohesive and enjoyable as their regular full-length albums. They Got Lost is no exception -- a collection of truly rare rarities, it shows once again that the group's more obscure songs are quite often just as great as their best-known ones. Many of the tracks here come from They Might Be Giants' relationship with the music download service EMusic, including the sweetly sad alt-country of "Words are Like (Demo)"; "Reprehensible"'s bright, swingy lounge; and the more typical quirky rock of "On the Drag," "I Am a Human Head" and "Certain People I Could Name." Sometimes the origins of the songs are even more unusual than the songs themselves: "Oranges" and the very silly "Oranges Testimonial" were commissioned by the Chopping Block, a graphic design firm. "Theme to McSweeney"'s celebrates Dave Eggers' beloved literary webzine with Wendy Carlos-style baroque electronics, and "I'm Sick (of this American Life)" pays homage to the National Public Radio show with weary, tongue-in-cheek wit; meanwhile, "Rat Patrol" (another EMusic track), with its charging pianos and guitars, sounds like the theme song to a TV show that never was. One of They Got Lost's best songs actually did appear in a TV show: "All Alone," the strangely bittersweet story of a germ launched into outer space, appeared on "Brave New World," a special series produced by ABC's Nightline. Though this collection isn't quite as consistent as, say, Miscellaneous T, They Got Lost is still a lot of fun (especially on off-the-cuff tracks like "Disappointing Show") and a must for any die-hard TMBG fans that don't already have these songs. ~ Heather Phares

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Rest Awhile - 2:40
  2. 2. Truth in Your Words - 1:10
  3. 3. On the Drag - 2:18
  4. 4. All Alone - 2:33
  5. 5. Down to the Bottom of the Sea - 1:53
  6. 6. I'm Sick (Of This American Life) - 1:27
  7. 7. Words Are Like - 2:38
  8. 8. I Am a Human Head - 3:51
  9. 9. Oranges - 1:09
  10. 10. Empty Bottle Blues - 2:38
  11. 11. They Got Lost - 5:36
  12. 12. Reprehensible - 3:13
  13. 13. Rat Patrol - 2:01
  14. 14. Army's Tired Now - 1:11
  15. 15. Certain People I Could Name - 3:23
  16. 16. Theme to McSweeney's - 3:30
  17. 17. Dollar for Dollar - 0:24
  18. 18. Mosh Momken Abadon - 3:53
  19. 19. Token Back to Brooklyn - 1:52
  20. 20. Disappointing Show - 3:31
  21. 21. Oranges Testimonial - 1:12

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