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    Walk Don't Run 2 Sundazed

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Review Text Still in their relative prime and releasing no less than three albums a year, surf stalwarts the Ventures' 1964 album Walk, Don't Run, Vol. 2 is the standard Ventures experience, though a bit on the livelier side in its song selections. The strongest point comes in "Walk Don't Run '64," a reworking of the band's first hit that would go on to be the second time the band cracked the Top Ten with the same song. A spirited fuzz guitar arrangement on the endlessly covered public domain number "House of the Rising Sun" perks things up a bit, as do the pre-psychedelic echoey drum production and menacing undertones of "The Creeper." All said, most Ventures records are pretty similar, but the bright moments on Walk, Don't Run, Vol. 2 hint at the band relaxing and having a little bit more fun than usual. ~ Fred Thomas

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. House of the Rising Sun
  2. 2. Diamond Head
  3. 3. Night Train '64
  4. 4. Peach Fuzz
  5. 5. Rap City
  6. 6. Blue Star (The Medic Theme)
  7. 7. Walk, Don’t Run '64
  8. 8. Night Walk
  9. 9. One Mint Julep
  10. 10. Pedal Pusher
  11. 11. Creeper
  12. 12. Stranger on the Shore

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