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    Surfing (Colv) Sundazed

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Review Text The Ventures were not a surf band. Well-established before surf music's brief heyday in the mid-'60s, they have nonetheless been easily lumped in with the likes Dick Dale and the Challengers due mostly to the Ventures' theme for Hawaii Five-0 and a penchant for Hawaiian shirts late in their career. However, their Surfing album is not hindered by a lack of authentication. Perhaps because they were older, or were more professional musicians, Surfing sounds less like an actual surfer's attempt at re-creating the feeling on their boards and more like a cloudy, early-morning walk on the beach, evoked by languid, almost atmospheric numbers like "Changing Tides" and "The Lonely Sea." Lead guitarist Nokie Edwards wrote perhaps the best-known song from the album, "Surf Rider," made famous by its inclusion in the movie Pulp Fiction. Other Ventures originals showcase the band's capabilities with the lightning-quick guitar work and pounding drums that went on to define the genre. The album also contains a helpful glossary for the landlocked. ~ Kurt Edwards

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Pipeline
  2. 2. Diamonds
  3. 3. Windy and Warm
  4. 4. Ten Over
  5. 5. Surf Rider
  6. 6. Changing Tides
  7. 7. Ninth Wave
  8. 8. Party in Laguna
  9. 9. Barefoot Venture
  10. 10. Heavies
  11. 11. Cruncher
  12. 12. Lonely Sea

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