Runaway Found (Hol)


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    Runaway Found (Hol)

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Review Text The Runaway Found is a weathered debut album. With less focus on making an eager first impression than most bands emerging from the post-grunge era, the Veils consume themselves with a rock canvas rooted in singer/songwriter Finn Andrews' folk upbringing. An unjaded view of romance and desire is cast, and the Veils' sincerity is far from hidden from the stormy design of the album's atmospheric backdrop. The Runaway Found basks in its glorious pop spotlight simply because it enjoys the heat, and such a surefire introduction is bound to be impressive. Andrews, who was just 17 and 18 when he composed the songs found here, is confident and sensitive, much like Richard Ashcroft and the late Jeff Buckley. Whether his heart is broken or mended, Andrews' songwriting is reflective of hope and regret. Andrews' lyrics and the Veils' mature presentation complement one another, further indicating the Veils' sharp ear for keeping things just so. From the majestic melodies of "Guiding Light" and "The Leavers Dance" to the thunderous clamor of "More Heat Than Light," The Runaway Found never loses its momentum. The dry roar of "Vicious Traditions" is close behind the latter's hungry disposition, adding to the album's burning flesh; however, it's "Lavinia" that carries the weight of The Runaway Found. Like the Manic Street Preachers' "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next" and Mansun's "Wide Open Space," "Lavinia" is classic. Andrews' aching vocals are the center to the lilting string and piano arrangements. Oliver Drake's wispy acoustic guitars add a nice flair to the song's beautiful melancholy. The Veils may be a young band, but they're hungry for their craft. The Runaway Found is an incredibly focused first album, giving evidence of how serious the Veils are about composing a stylish, quality sound. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

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