Yer Favourites (Rmst)


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    Yer Favourites (Rmst) U-Music-Canada / Passport Audio / Universal Music Canada

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Review Text Seemingly nonexistent in the eyes of American pop culture -- yet continually boasting some of the nation's highest grossing concerts -- Canadian rockers the Tragically Hip have managed to secure themselves legendary status both above and underground while remaining almost complete anonymous. Like any good band of the people, the Hip know that their fans are their lifeblood, so in compiling their first ever "greatest hits" collection, they left it up to the listeners. Chosen online at their website, the 34 remastered tracks that make up Yer Favorites -- two of which, the ballsy "No Threat" and the wistful "New Maybe," are brand new -- may not go deep enough for longtime followers, but for anyone who has spent the better part of their musical life wondering what all of the fuss was about, this is their chance to get schooled. Poetic yet accessible, raw yet grandiose, the Tragically Hip have often been lumped unfairly into the jam band circuit, when in reality they have far more in common with an act like Pearl Jam than they do Phish. They're an arena bar band maintaining the rawness of a juke joint amid the thunderous applause of 150,000 pairs of hands, and while their brand of heartland rock may be steeped in the Great White North, it's appeal is universal. ~ James Christopher Monger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. No Threat
  2. 2. Grace, Too
  3. 3. My Music at Work
  4. 4. 38 Years Old
  5. 5. Gift Shop
  6. 6. Ahead by a Century
  7. 7. Vaccination Star
  8. 8. Three Pistols
  9. 9. So Hard Done By
  10. 10. Fiddler's Green
  11. 11. Looking For a Place to Happen
  12. 12. Cordelia
  13. 13. It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken
  14. 14. Blow at High Dough
  15. 15. Wheat Kings
  16. 16. 50 Mission Cap
  17. 17. New Orleans Is Sinking
  18. 18. Escape Is at Hand For the Travellin' Man

CD: 2

  1. 19. Fully Completely
  2. 20. Twist My Arm
  3. 21. Courage
  4. 22. Lake Fever
  5. 23. Poets
  6. 24. Fireworks
  7. 25. Boots or Hearts
  8. 26. Bobcaygeon
  9. 27. Nautical Disaster
  10. 28. Highway Girl
  11. 29. Gus the Polar Bear From Central Park
  12. 30. Scared
  13. 31. Something On
  14. 32. At the Hundredth Meridian
  15. 33. Long Time Running
  16. 34. Locked in the Trunk of a Car
  17. 35. Little Bones
  18. 36. New Song
  19. 37. New Maybe - 3:58

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