Syndestructible 1105


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    Syndestructible 1105 Umbrello Records

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Review Text In 1967, Syn issued a couple of obscure British singles containing some quite good mod-psychedelic tracks. Almost 40 years later, they reunited to produce an entire album. Well, sort of reunited -- the only original members here are lead singer Steve Nardelli and bassist Chris Squire (the other future Yes man from Syn, guitarist Peter Banks, is not on board). Those expecting anything like those old Syn singles will be disappointed, though those who are interested because of Squire's Yes connection will find the sound has a familiar ring. Most of these are extended pieces -- all but a couple last seven minutes or more -- that sound rather like Yes in their more pop-oriented stages, though without Jon Anderson's vocals, of course. It's rather like hearing a slightly middle-of-the-road version of Yes, with plenty of multi-sectioned song structures and progressive rock interplay between the instruments. There's also a vague upbeat mystical tone, sounding especially like Yes in their more anthemic moods on the chorus to "The Promise." It's well executed and well recorded. But it should have been credited to Steve Nardelli and Chris Squire, or a different band name than Syn, as the links to the '60s Syn sound are virtually absent. ~ Richie Unterberger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Breaking Down Walls - 1:52
  2. 2. Some Time, Some Way - 8:56
  3. 3. Reach Outro - 4:38
  4. 4. Cathedral of Love - 9:58
  5. 5. City of Dreams - 10:38
  6. 6. Golden Age - 8:07
  7. 7. Promise - 13:26

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