First Impression Of Earth (Jpn)


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    First Impression Of Earth (Jpn) BMG
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Review Text A mix of quintessential Strokes songs and daring experimentation, First Impressions of Earth starts out strong. "You Only Live Once" is everything a fan could want from a Strokes song, with a joyful melody, skipping rhythm, and cheerfully snotty lyrics. "Juicebox," meanwhile, moves from a bassline nicked from the "Peter Gunn Theme" to ragged grunge before landing on a soaring, plaintive chorus. Love it or hate it, the song has unforgettable boldness and creativity. It stands out among songs such as "Heart in a Cage" and "Electricityscape," which are so typical of the Strokes' sound that they border on predictable. While jaded and bruised lyrical territory is nothing new for the Strokes, there's a new depth to their ennui; on the blasé ballad "Ask Me Anything," Casablancas repeats "I've got nothing to say" so often that the listener has no choice but to believe him. Fortunately, the band regains some of its old fire on "Ize of the World" and "Razorblade" without rehashing it entirely. ~ Heather Phares

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