Time Bomb High School


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    Time Bomb High School In The Red Records

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Review Text Time Bomb High School is much more than another garage tribute to soulful '60s Brit-rock. But the sophomore effort from the Reigning Sound is something less than the band's minimal, country-folk debut. During knockouts like the Rolling Stones-flavored "Straight Shooter" and "I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys," Greg Cartwright and his Memphis combo's sound is as pure, and as well-grounded, as anything since Exile on Main Street. With 14 tracks, however, the material and arrangements are spread just a little too thin, and too many average tunes are allowed in the mix. A bit of a stylistic return for former Oblivians member Cartwright, Time Bomb High School crackles with raucous garage energy. While nothing like the punk/soul primal scream of the musician/songwriter's earlier days, this disc surpasses any reasonable swagger quota. The Reigning Sound's moody, countrified debut had a relative wealth of riveting numbers, and more conceptual clarity, but this 2002 In The Red title will definitely satisfy Cartwright fans as well as listeners wary of the inevitable post-White Stripes garage posers. ~ Vincent Jeffries

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Stormy Weather - 2:11
  2. 2. Straight Shooter - 2:33
  3. 3. You're Not as Pretty - 3:55
  4. 4. Brown Paper Sack - 2:13
  5. 5. Wait and See - 3:33
  6. 6. I Walk By Your House - 3:49
  7. 7. Time Bomb High School - 2:35
  8. 8. I Don't Believe - 3:44
  9. 9. She's Bored With You - 2:11
  10. 10. Reptile Style - 3:22
  11. 11. I'm Holding Out - 3:43
  12. 12. I Don't Know How to Tell You - 2:29
  13. 13. Dressy - 3:54
  14. 14. I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys - 2:17
  15. 15. You're So Strange - 3:11

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