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Review Text San Francisco's the Pleased used to be called the Please, and in 2002 they issued One Piece from the Middle. The double EP was produced and released by the band, but after much praise from XFM Radio in London and countless indie publications, the Pleased opted to redesign and remaster One Piece from the Middle. Don't Make Things is their second chance in making a good impression. Reworked songs like "One Horse," "Another Disaster," and "No Style" highlight the band's ambition to get it right -- but don't be so quick to confuse it with confidence. The honesty surrounding "Don't Make Things" is layered with Noah Georgeson and Rich Good's nervy, sometimes elastic and angular guitar work. Vocally, Georgeson isn't as miserable as Morrissey, but offers a slight twitch to his Ian McCulloch-like brood. Such anxiety is natural when going for the perfect hook. They're on their way to crafting a divine post-punk-inspired sound that's sonically rich to stand apart from the pack of New York City bands. From the dark piano melody of "Never Come Home" to the Echo & the Bunnymen aesthetic of "We Are the Doctor," Don't Make Things captures the Pleased's modern art-pop sound. They might not be as cocksure as Interpol and the like; however, the Pleased succeed in making a fashionable sound all their own with Don't Make Things. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Already Gone - 4:09
  2. 2. We Are the Doctor - 4:56
  3. 3. No Style - 4:58
  4. 4. If You Can Afford It - 4:41
  5. 5. Wake Up Instead - 4:04
  6. 6. Never Come Home - 4:14
  7. 7. I the Province - 1:04
  8. 8. About Me - 2:17
  9. 9. One Horse - 2:15
  10. 10. Another Disaster - 3:25
  11. 11. Oh Canada - 5:17
  12. 12. Don't Make Things - 4:53
  13. 13. Orange Peter - 4:26
  14. 14. Orderly Manor - 2:41

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