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Review Text Fronted by former Riverdales bassist Daniel Schafer (also a regular presence in the Screeching Weasel/Queers axis of bubblegum punk), the Methadones are yet another terrific pop/punk band flying the "I'm in my 30s, but part of me inside is still a bored teenager playing video games in my mom and dad's basement" flag. Less goofy than the Mr. T Experience and less pure-pop than the Queers, the Methadones are basically serious -- on "I'm About To Crack," Schafer howls as if he means it -- but they have a decidedly snarky edge that adds bite to songs like "Premature Mid-Life Crisis" and the swell "Say Goodbye To Your Generation." Just as impressively, songs like the brilliant, anthemic closer, "You Don't Know Me Anymore," move well beyond the three-chords-in-two-minutes stricture of most pop/punk, adding a level of lyrical and musical sophistication that suits the songs without sacrificing their power or their pop. Career Objective is the sort of record that a 14-year-old kid and his 30-something uncle could both rock out to without complaint. ~ Stewart Mason

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Premature Mid-Life Crisis - 2:18
  2. 2. I'm About to Crack - 3:54
  3. 3. Say Goodbye to Your Generation - 2:29
  4. 4. Are You Really for Real? - 3:44
  5. 5. Ammunition - 3:28
  6. 6. Far Away - 5:35
  7. 7. Stuck in My Head - 2:51
  8. 8. Revitalized - 3:51
  9. 9. Antidote - 3:16
  10. 10. TV World - 4:38
  11. 11. You Don't Know Me Anymore - 5:50

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