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The charisma of Douglas Fairbanks keeps this two-reel idea interesting for five reels. Jimmy Conroy (Fairbanks) wants to marry Marna Lewis (Constance Talmadge, whose charisma is a near-match for Doug's). However, Mr. Lewis (Wilbur Hight) has chosen another man for his daughter to marry. So Jimmy and Marna entrain in an attempt to elope, but the rejected suitor is close behind. At a train stop, Jimmy finds a minister (Fred Warren) -- in a bathtub! -- and drags him to the train... which is already gone. Jimmy and the minister head after Marna by mule, handcart and several other strange and uncomfortable ways. They never do hook up in person, but Jimmy and Marna wed anyhow by phone, with the minister, in jail, on one end of the line and Marna on the other, and Jimmy in the middle, on top of a telephone pole. Although Anita Loos, Fairbanks' frequent scenarist, did not write the screenplay (credit, for what it's worth, goes to Roy Cohen and J.U. Glesy), it is likely that she wrote the titles. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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