Man from Texas


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Tom Mix both directed, produced, wrote, and starred in this action-packed two-reel Selig Western. An honest, hardworking cowhand, Tom ventures forth to seek vengeance on the man who broke his sister's (Goldie Colwell) heart. He encounters the scoundrel, Hargreaves (Leo Maloney), courting pretty Moya Dalton (Louella Maxam) and ends up killing the bounder in self-defense. After turning himself in to sheriff Frank Scott (Sid Jordan), Tom is exonerated, but finds the sheriff to be a powerful rival for the attentions of Moya. Although her father prefers Frank, Moya is more inclined to date Tom and while out riding together, they encounter Frank and Indian Joe (Hoot Gibson) holding up the stage. While Tom is bringing a contrite Frank back to town, Moya is caught by Indian Joe who keeps her prisoner in a sheepherder's cabin. The girl is eventually rescued by Tom, who is made sheriff by the grateful citizenry. Months later, Moya is again in trouble, this time in the hands of a nasty ranch foreman (Ed Brady), who is the secret head of a gang of rustlers. Captured by the gang, Moya is able to mark their trail for Tom, who arrives with the posse in the nick of time. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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